Saturday, July 22, 2017


Hey There!

I'm Tanya from the Philippines. I started blogging back in 2007. Yes, you read it right. I used to write about anything that comes into my head in 2007. Also, I read a lot of blogs back then. I was a regular blog reader  to some personalities before and until now too (they used to blog about their college life, now they're talking about their children! Haha. Wow) None of the people I know knew about such hobby of mine. Back then, I didn't want any of the people I know to know what I was up to (until now?). Hi Mama/Papa! Now you know why I stayed long hours facing the pc before. 😂😂

Well, I enjoy writing a lot.  I feel like I can express my thoughts more through writing than just saying it. However, I am more on the informal writing than the formal one. So please don't expect me to write like a journal prodigy! Expect to have a lot of grammar errors and periods along the way! I'll work on it though :D

I was on hiatus for years. Why am I back?

Because you will always come back to the ones things that you love. 

p.s. This first post isn't well written tbh. It's 1:38 AM and I'm just trying to finish this post asap since I'll be posting about my HK trip tomorrow.  I just need an introductory post! Lol! Hahaha expect that I'll edit this out soon enough! :D


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