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Solo travelling is not all glitz and glamour (obviously).

I don't consider myself well traveled enough yet but I sure had a lot of airport moments.

I'm a frequent "excess baggage" flyer. 
(But I tell you it has improved through time)
I have the habit of packing a lot- like really a lot. I used to think about all the things that I might need and of course I always end up using one third of everything. Lol. I have all these scenarios of events that might happen and think of all the clothes that would match it. 

Anyway, I'm learning. From suitcases I'm now transitioning to backpacks. Haha 
For travelling that requires a lot of movement, backpack got your back. 

Anyway back to the topic, I've had a lot of (mis) adventures especially when it comes to my baggage and punctuality. I cant count how many instances I had where I was unpacking my stuffs in the airport. Really. 
One time I was flying from North Carolina to San Francisco and my checked baggage weigh more than 50kilos (YESSSSSSSSS GIRLLLLL!) so the attendant told me to put as much as I can in my carry on trolley (which was freaking full already). I swear, I could feel my bag about to burst that time. Haha I even had to tie my scarves on my trolley. 

There were also moments when I fly domestic and I just pray to Jesus that they won't freaking weigh my carryon because I know it's more than 7kg-all the dang time. 

I remember for my flight to HK, I didnt purchase any checked in baggage because I thought they won't weigh it. I was just so freaking lucky because few hours before my boarding, I tried to ask one of my friend and told me that they'll weigh the carry on. and he was so sure about it especially with that airlines.  So behold, I immediately paid for my checked baggage online which saved me a whole lot of bucks because god knows how much would I've paid if it were in the counter. 

Also, punctuality. I never really had any punctuality problems overseas because I try to be as early as I can but gurl, I had way too many moments going to NAIA Airport. Never underestimate the Manila Traffic. For the past few months, I've been flying to and from manila. I never imagined myself actually staying in Manila tbh. I never really liked Manila until I realized that it could be nice too. :) 

Anyway, Manila traffic is the worst.  
I can still remember I paid P600 just to reach Paranaque (uber)
Like for real it was all because of the traffic.

So yeah, as far as from what I can recall. It was a Wednesday morning and I have my flight back to Manila at around 9 am. Surprise! I was still at the skyway at 8:50 am. No, I am not kidding you. I was actually checking the prices for the next flight. It was hella expensive (I know!!!). I was literally praying that I'd make it! That a miracle would happen! That all these cars will just give way coz I'm on SOS. That time I promised the lord that I'd be always on time ever again. I swear! 
The driver was having sweats also. (Haha; I can laugh now). He was also very much pressured. I know he was trying his best to be fast. Rapidoooooo pls! It was really intense, my friend even said that I was crazy for still being at the skyway. 

fast forward (literally), I rushed to the counter and was told by the attendant to hurry up because they were boarding already. (Good thing I was just bringing a backpack that time --see? I'm improving) I was running so fast through the gates. Like really. On my dress. I think I had some eyes on me but oh well for sure everyone was just thinking the same thing - she's late

So yeah, I was panting at the boarding gate. I made it! I FREAKING MADE IT. I was shaking when I got into my seat. I messaged my friend/s that I made it. Haha. Then one airport guy came up inside the plane and went into our aisle and asked about my details. I was like "what? why?" . *drum rolls pls*  I LEFT MY WALLET IN THEIR COUNTER. GOD LOVES ME! I was so thankful- Christ! Cant believe how blessed I was that time! I had all my money (of course) in my wallet and all my cards and important stuffs. I was so thankful to everyone that time! :)

Also, one time while we were on our way going back to Manila from Bataan.
We experienced some car problems and it was raining midway to manila. To cut it short, I was 5 mins away from boarding time. still didn't miss my flight because it got delayed! Well, that was an exception tho because I may have kinda wanted to miss my flight that time but yeah.


Yes, last 2016 I almost missed my flight back to Manila and if I did, god knows what will my parents do to me. It would've cost us a whoooping dollars if I missed it. Missing my flight was really not an option that time.  

So yeah, it's a good thing that y'all know that homegirl used to travel heavy. (Girl, you dont know how much emotional baggage I bring every time I travel!! Hahaha) but yeah let me show you my flight details back to mnl. 

As you can see, I was leaving on the 5th of July. A day after the 4th of July! Rings a bell? 
So we were out in San Francisco during the 4th of July! We watched the fireworks and oh yeah we were actually pulled over by a police because my cousin beat the red light. I was like in the movies, you guys! Haha. I was snapchatting that time because yknow being pulled over only happened in the movies (for young Tanya). My cousin didn't notice the red light actually and the police gave him a ticket. Anyway, off we went to see the fireworks. I was quite worried that time because I know I'll be leaving the next morning and I still havent packed! (Oh wait! Did I ever mention that I am such a last minute packer? I sweaaaaaaaaaaaaar! As much as I plan to do it weeks before or even days, I always end up packing hours before my flight). 

I was also feeling sick during the last week of my stay in U.S. I had such a tight schedule because days before that I just came back from New York for my cousin's 18th birthday. I  was in New York for a week and we all know, It's the city that never sleeps! Me and my relatives who were NYC based gave me a run down of the city (it was my 2nd time to be there but my 1st visit was just 3 days I think? so yeah) So when I was in back in San Francisco, I was also out almost every afternoon exploring downtown. Have I told you that the coldest summer I had was in San Francisco? It was around 10 degrees celsius there and it was a summer okay, a summer. But I loved it! I loved the cool breeze. 

Anyway July 5 came. I barely had any sleep from the 4th celebration and packing. Yes, I was freaking packing only hours before my flight. I had roughly 2 hours of sleep. We went to the airport- excess of 2 kilos but the man was kind enough to let me go. Hehe ;) And then we had to repack my hand carry because it was too big. LOL, I then had to wear this huge GSW shirt over my clothes to give space. Haha I didn't took any photo of myself that time! Hahaha and oh yeah, my nose was bleeding 30 minutes before boarding. I was honestly scared. Lol, I thought I'd faint or something because I was really not feeling well and was so stressed. My family was worried! Hi Ma :D

Anyway when I was about to board, I was asked to leave one of my hand carry. I had 2 hand carry btw. A mini stroller and a beach bag. I wanted to leave the beach bag because I don't want to be dragging it every time. However, the ground attendant preferred to get my stroller anyway.

So off we left, I actually was confused because it wasn't clear whether where will I get my stroller (which has all of my important gadgets and stuff)

I assumed I'd get it at terminal 4. 

Little did I know that assumption would almost put me in freaking trouble.

When we landed, those who were having a connecting flight were asked to take the shuttle.
But I didn't.
I needed my stroller.

So I was at terminal 4, waiting for my bag at the carousel area.
minutes passed by. I was getting worried because there weren't any bags coming out.
everything was clear. my boarding time is getting nearer.

So I went to the baggage office something and surprise, I'd be getting my bag in MANILA.

Then I hurried up! Alright. I had to basically go to the exit and go back to the check in counter. I found the check in booth kios. Tried to input my details but error. Error! *sweattts*

So I asked help from the staff and was told that I couldn't check in there because

girlllll, yow sistah was pale af. How am I gonna get to Tom Bradley International?
"Walking would be difficult as it is far from here. You can take a taxi but it's quite difficult to get one here".

Lady, I don't have any time to look for a cab.
but anyway I rush to ask another person and she told me that I could still go there by feet.

And mind you, I had a beach bag with me and a leather bag (so sturdy yet so heavy).

No that's not my baggage. Haha but you see that thing where the bags are placed?

Some airports give it for free but at the domestic airport- it wasn't. Costs about $5.
Of course, I was getting stressed, tired, all the feelings. And I have little less than 30 minutes to get to Tom Bradley Intl Airport (I SWEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR I WAS REALLY NERVOUS ALREADY!) 
I CAN'T MISS MY FLIGHT AND BUYING ANOTHER TICKET IS NOT AN OPTION (Just imagine how much would a ticket cost if I'll purchase it same day -LA-MANILA) My dad would probably ask me to go find a parachute. Lol hahaha). I WAS REALLY GONNA GET MYSELF IN TROUBLE (because it was my fault).

i really didn't want to spend $5 for a cart. YES, I still had the time to be frugal at that situation. LOL. 
I was so luckkkyy though, there was one cart which was pulled out and I see no one using it so home girl took it right away and ran! I had to survive okay! Hahaha I just took the cart for free put all my stuff and ran. I was wearing boots btw! girl, I dont care what you think but I can't afford to miss my flight. 

I arrived at Tom Bradley Intl Airport (catching my breath) and was at the Japan Airlines Kiosk when the japanese ladies were so surprised to see me. They were surprised because I was already checked-in and why one earth was I there... and it was almost time! "Everyone's already there". 
Girrrrrl, I needed to go back again to immigration/customs.  YES, AGAIN. WHEN IF I JUST TOOK THE SHUTTLE, I COULD'VE BEEN IN THE LOUNGE ENJOYING MY BEEF JERKY. 
 It was a hell of line. I was praying really - checking the time all the time. When the IO checked my boarding time, she was like "Oh! I hope you make it!". 




So lemme tell you, don't pack too much and always make sure that things are clear. Also, don't wear boots. If you're up to some running - just don't. Hahaha but yeah, that experience would have probably been really costly if I just cried and didn't take any action. I slept almost the entire flight to Japan and missed my food (I usually will wait for the food then sleep). I had to call the flight attendant and request for my missed food. Haha I can't imagine how exhausting it was but now I can just smile and laugh about it.:)
P.S. I know some had worse. 
On my next post, I'd probably share to you how Delta Airlines gave me $700. 

That's all for now!
Adios :* 


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