Thursday, November 23, 2017

Elephant pants almost cost me another flight ticket.

Bangkok Traffic is like Edsa.
No words for it. 

November 9.
Arrived in Bangkok- 8 am. Yes, I had a morning flight.

sidestory: Prior to this, I was supposed be in KL Airport the night of November 8. Yup, I was going to spend my night in the airport. I had a flight back to KL on Nov 8 so I decided to purchase the first flight to BK next day. Anyway, things didn't go the way I planned it to be but still I decided to catch my Bangkok flight. :)

I can still remember I slept on the way to my place (nearby Khao San Road ;)) from the airport. I took the bus A4 to Khao San Road (cheapest option, my friends #BudgetTraveler #backpackerlife). Not only was I really tired (#NoSleepMalaysiaFOLKS) but the traffic was the shookt of my life. Riding the bus was like the extended version of the plane's turbulence. Hahaha

The traffic didn't really bother me because I didn't have any concrete plans yet that time for my day. Nada. My only plan that time was to reach my hostel and then eat. 

Anyway moving forward to my last day in BK, my flight to Burma's at around 9pm. Long day my friend. I know I wouldn't any problems going to the airport. Still at 9. COME ON. #TimeOfMyLife

Boy was I wrong. 
Day before my flight, I booked a day tour for the boat market. (I'm not a tour kind of person. I always love to keep things DIY because .... #BudgetTraveler #BackpackerLife and I can be on my pace but it was a last minute idea and the price wasn't bad- cheaper actually than going by myself. Hahaha) 

Thing is after I paid for it, I found out that the market was 2 hrs from BK.  Wazzzup.  It's not in BK. 
We were asked to meet at 7 am. 7 am tomorrow. since it's a half day tour. 
I still have so many stuff to do for the night. bummer. I was about to spend the night with my face mask and all the essences in the world but guess my dark circles are just gonna get darker in BK. 

After 3 snoozed alarms, waking up everyone in the room because ----alarm.  :P
I went directly to 7/11 to get coffee and breakfast. 
Love, I always start my day with food. FOOD, mami!

I got back in BK quite late because hello BK traffic and it was raining so yeah. - 2pm
I'll talk about my boat experience on a separate post. 
My plan was to go to the airport at around 5pm. I wanted to be early?

First thing I did in BK was eat my late lunch. HANGRY. 
After lunch- my only plan was to hit Khao San road and buy elephant pants. 
To cut the long story short, I spent way too much time buying them elephant pants. I went to see every stall which I have already checked the night before. Same same but different bargain talks. I spent way tooooo much time really. By the time I was almost done with my shopping, I decided to just get the express airport shuttle that the hostel offers. Yup, I missed the last departure for the express airport. 

The staff told me that I should get a cab to the airport (400-500 baht) asap because there's heavy traffic going on. NO. 400 BAHT is too much if you only have 200 baht left in your wallet. Hahahaha  (I can laugh now but not during that time. I was freaking worried). 

I didn't have any peso left but only US dollars which was for my myanmar trip. 
I didn't want to have more baht again. 

I hurriedly went to the bus stop; A4 bus was supposed to be around every 30 minutes. 
I was there around 4:25 pm - Great! I can still catch the 4;30 bus. 
Surprise, 5:15 came and still no bus at sight. I was freaking out. Asking every local where the hell's the bus. One local was really checking his phone to check about the  A4's whereabouts but no avail. Cab drivers came up to me and told me that I should really get a cab now. I think they can see from my face that I was effing running late. LOL. 

I wanted to get a tuktuk to reach the airport. I thought I could bargain 150 baht for it. and still have 50 for water, Hahaha lol. just kidding. 

Anyway, it was around 5:45 that the bus arrived. I was soooo happpy! Finally!! That time I didn't know how bad the traffic was. SURPRISE! It was really bad. It got actually worse. *Drum rolls pls* 
The same bus would go around the same bus stop twice. SO BASICALLY AT AROUND 6:30 PM- I WAS BACK AT THE SAME BUS STOP WHERE I WAS WAITING FOR THE BUS 2 HRS AGO. 

I didn't know about it and I was p[issed of with it. 
That time, I was like "400 baht is nothing than buying a freaking new plane ticket!!!" #TanyaStrikesAgain (This isn't the first time I was running late for my flight- Read my previous post. You'd hate me. or love me . even more)

The old man behind me was Korean (my Korean skills revived) and we had a chat about my flight. Lol. he was telling me to pray to all the gods. I was praying to every temple that we passed by. 
I was really worried yknow. 30 minutes passed and the bus didn't even moved an inch. I checked the price for the next flight - 6 am. 50 bucks. alright, another night in the airport. *sarcasm* LOL
50 bucks is like 20 elephant pants yknow. Hahahahahuhuhuhu 

despite of the crisis I was on, an angel came to help. nah. haaha
while on the traffic, I was exchanging messages with a friend. 
I told him all about my situation and the crazy emotions I was on that time.
It helped a lot talking to him. Time passed by and I was taking my situation in a very light manner. I was yknow accepting things already. Like I was gonna miss my flight and just be chill with it. Some people gets worse in life okay. Some kids are unable to eat :(. And I was just missing my flight. :)))))

(I also told my thai friend who I met in HK, Mameaw about my traffic situation. She laughed first. Hahahha hi mameaw! I'll see you when I come back to bk :D)

 I can't tell my parents that I was about to miss my flight. God knows how worried they'll get. 

We were able to get out of the traffic and I still had my fingers crossed but idk. I didn't mind spending my night at the airport. 

A local came up to me and asked if I was going to the airport and also about my flight details. 
He freaking gave me the assurance that I was gonna catch my flight and that the bus will reach the airport in no time. OMG. DIVINE INTERVENTION. OMG. I was soooo sooo happy to hear it! I told the korean about it and he gave me a thumbs up! I told my friend about it too. I had all my hopes high! I was ready to sprint my way to the airport with my 15 kg backpack. Hahaha

I was running my way to the boarding gate. I was the asian Usain Bolt, folks! Hahahahaha

(p.s. I had to go to immigration twice because I didn't have a departure card with me. The security officer before immig and airline staff knew that I din't have a departure card w/ me but they didnt say anything :( I went back to the check in counter aka airline staff to get my departure card. .  Good thing there was no line back to immig. . :P good thing. )

I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



On my way to Myanmar with my goddamn elephant pants :* <3

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