Thursday, November 23, 2017

I'm Tanya and I didn't quit my job to travel.

Hi! I'm Tanya, 22 turning 23 and sometimes 30 real quick from THE PHILIPPINES.
No, I didn't quit my job to travel
but I did quit my 9-5 corporate life
and boy was I everywhere :P .[will do a separate post about this]

I've been writing ever since. from fancy locked diaries to here.
I've always been anonymous when it comes to writing because I'm mysterious (like that).
I started blogging in 6th grade so 2008? LOL
but I deleted all the posts already so yeah....
However, it's time to go out of my comfort zone and speak out.

I'll be writing my thoughts and shenanigans in my blog.
Although, I tend to get really timid about this because I'm not that comfortable with people knowing about my business (let alone friends! haha). I've always kept my life lowkey. I never really disclose information about my plans,whereabouts, etc.  What you see in the picture is what you see. But I tell you, there's always more to the pictures. Laughters, tears, adrenaline, etc. All emotions you could ever think and some that you can't imagine ;).

I have many drafts that are obviously still drafts. I promise to exert more effort to this. (Bisag sa pag sulat, ako japun ang ga effort? Awwwwwwwwwwww hahaha)

This isn't just about my travels but also about my life -in general.
So, this is one big step for me. I believe this is a good start because 2018 is coming and I'm looking forward for it while living the most of my today.

WARNING: If you're a grammar nazi then sorry not sorry because I'm no article goddess and sometimes I just dont know where to end my sentence so yeah it might irk you and ye you may leave now coz the punctuation aint coming any sooner hahaha. and I tend to have my thoughts all over the place. Huhu. T_T

p.s. I'm also doing this because I find writing therapeutic.



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