Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The struggle of solo traveling: aviophobia

San Francisco at night 

As much as I love to travel
and the thought of being alone in a new place never scares me.

I've always had plane anxiety.

traveling solo don't make things any better.

I once been to a 10 hr flight and boy, I asked for wine. and wine. It worked/ slept almost the entire flight.

I thought that it may be just me but now
I've learned of people who are actually scared of flying.
There's a lot of people who have anxiety when it comes to flying.

& Turbulence! Let's not even talk about it.
It scares the crap out of me. Even just a mild shake freaks me out. Huhu.
but like what my dad and my research told me:
Turbulence is just caused by the wind. The wind. It's normal. That's how things are up in the sky. Ohkkaaay... and those drops? yeah, that too.. is normal. 0.0

P.S. seats at the front gets the least shake when turbulence happens
but seats behind the wings are the safest. yea figure out where you wanna be placed ;)
(side tip: always get an aisle seat for long haul flights. save yourself from the hassle of always excusing yourself from bathroom breaks) 

2nd, I love checking flight prices anywhere in the world.
Every time there's a good deal, I always add it on my dream to be places.
But before anything else, I always research about the background of the airline (wikipedia). Haha. Yes! Skytrax is my travel guide. I too always check  airline reviews from passengers on tripadvisor. I'm on that level actually. There's a lot of work tbh.

So, how do I manage to keep calm?
Simple. I don't.

The anxiety's always there but I'll share to you what I do

I get really religious when I am on the plane.
I always bring rosaries every time I travel. I always have them in my bag and my parents always remind me to bring one everywhere I go. It helps a lot. You see sometimes, praying is the only thing you can do especially if you're up 30000++ ft high. I pray the rosary not once, twice but sometimes throughout the flight. I can't really sleep on short haul flights no matter the time is.

I always bring out the loudest trap music with the most bass during take off.
The take off reminds me of getting on a rollercoaster.
Hahaha I remember I cried (a little ... a lot) when I got in a rollercoaster in Carowinds. Even while me and my friends were in the line, I was close to breaking out already. The kids were looking at me! Haha but really I'm always concerned of its safety, haha or maybe the thought of me getting turnt in xxx feet is not on my list.. although, I've always thought that the only person who could convince me to be on a rollercoaster is an S/O ;). Who knows?
But yeah, that rollercoaster experience made me decide to never do rollercoasters again.. (unless an S/O convinces me to. Hehe)

But back to planes, I have a playlist of trap music that I play at max volume. It kinda gets confusing sometimes when I pray then I have the trap music playing. Lol but yeah, focus mami.

90% of my travels are just me on my own </3
Having a friend on the same flight lessens my anxiety. Even if someone I just talk to on the boarding gate helps (I met a Spanish girl at the boarding gate once and it helped me ease up. We talked a little and it made me more comfortable).

I haven't tried this but I always have this on my mind
Some people take Xanax (and other anti anxiety meds)

TIRE YOURSELF OUT before flying
Sometimes when you're just really exhausted, you just won't give a damn about anything when you're flying. All you want to do is sleep. xD
Also there's a reason why there are liquors inside the plane/airport. Haha :)


Air Travel Is the Safest Mode of Mass Transportation

I'm ending this post with this beautiful quote I always remind myself:

never let your fear hold you back :P


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