Saturday, February 17, 2018

a month after in Manila

a good night in Manila x first few nights

Happy New Year!
It's February but this is my first post since new year came so :)

As much as I tell myself to write more often, I can't seem to make up any content or for the lack of better term, I didn't have time. To be fair, I'm glad because a lot has happened and I couldn't be more thankful of how things have been and  are going on in my life now. 

Quick update- It's been a month since I arrived in Manila. The longest I've been to in one place since the U.S. 
I'm pretty sure every friend's question would be "WHY THE SUDDEN MOVE"?

or maybe not. 

Knowing my friends and family (haha) 
Me moving isn't a shock of their lifetime. 

I was once in a good friend's birthday and well they were surprised I was back in our city (been home for weeks already prior to the event LOL). 
Yeap, life of a nomad. Then a week after. I was out again. 

So what led me here in Manila?

Not really. Maybe? Somehow.
But nope, I'm here for some mad soul searching, you guys.  Haha kidding!
Well, it really was a spontaneous trip in the beginning. 
It was just a thought last December- wild idea. I was at home for more than  a month and I felt like I had to do something.  So January came, an opportunity knocked. I received an update to one of my dream's gateway so here I am now. Somehow, it wrap up the decision of my move here. :) But that didn't kept me up until just recently. 

So what was I doing for the the beginning of my year? Well shhh but one thing's for sure my year kicked off way better than I had ever imagined it to be. And I'm so thankful of the wonderful  moments I had :)

As I look up my schedule for my upcoming days, I can see that I can write more than often now :) *crosses fingers*. I'm planning to do reviews (been eating out a lot during my 1st month btw hahah and some tips as well as a newbie here in Manille). 

Anyway, that's all for now. 
Besos chicos y chicas! 

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