Saturday, March 3, 2018

Superwoman on a Friday

oh hi there!
I feel like I just have to write now. 

Today is March 3. 
Yesterday was March 2 and it felt like a month of errands for me. 
I was everywhere in the metro. 

To start my day,
I had roughly 2 hours of sleep that day. 
because I was up all night working on some important stuff and I needed it to be approved. 
Those stuff kept me up for days. 

I'm the kind of person who wakes up and already thinks about everything that she'll be doing for the day. It could 

Usual routine, I make breakfast and prepare my snacks and lunch (it's healthier both in the system and for the wallet ;)). Hehe 

Then for the past 2 meetings, I commuted my way to Makati. 
It's cheap and I get to exercise by walking for about half an hour tops. 
but for 2 meetings, I've been grumpy and exhausted. Yas. 

It was Friday and it was our last meeting so I decided to take an Uber (just like the usual). 
I was happy when I arrived. I felt better tbh. 

Then I checked my email and ta-da, at least a good news for the day!

exactly what I needed in an already tiring day

I had lunch with my Manila fammm <3


It was sumptuous and fun! Always a joy to be with them.... :D

 After lunch, I went to our library to get some stuff.
Then here comes the crazy part.
I went to Intramuros via MRT & LRT. 2 trains ma friend. 2 routes. I end up stopping at the wrong stop at LRT so I had to catch another one again. Under scorching heat, I walked.. walked... my way to Intramuros. Phone was dying. 

Then I did some important stuffs there as well.. then walked my way to get another important stuff at my friend's place in Malate.. I ended up sleeping there.. I was so so so so so exhausted yesterday. Can't imagine I was in 3 cities in 1 day. 

Anyway, I got myself 4 waffles with blueberries for breakfast to make up for my 7/11 dinner yesterday night. 

Here I am now, on my bed 
I just finished watching a spanish movie
& am sipping my pineapple juice on the side. 

Lately, I've been very upset with many things. I tell you, I have so much stuff going on...

I have 5 days offfffff!
Estoy estresada pero contento :D
I'm pretty sure these 5 days are gonna come by fast 

Wishing you a lovely weekend :D

p.s. Myanmar post next (hopefully!!!!!)

Buenas Noches!

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